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Ainsworth Maguire Relocation - Back to Our Roots

The start of July has been exceedingly busy relocating Ainsworth Maguire from Rawtenstall to Bury, where Kevin Ainsworth originally founded the business in 1985 under the name Marketing Workshop. Ainsworth Maguire was formed in 1987 when I joined Kevin.

After more than 30 years helping companies in construction, engineering and manufacturing to communicate their innovations to customers and the wider business world, Kevin is taking a well-earned retirement. He will retain a consulting role and be available for a transition period to assist as needed.

Kevin Ainsworth - Video

The company name and branding remains the same going forward. Long-time client Fintek has provided us with new rented accommodation at their Halter Inn Works in Holcombe Brook – near the Hare and Hounds Pub, if you know it! Full address and contact details are:

Halter Inn Works
Holcombe Brook
Lancashire BL0 9SA

T: 0161 408 7888 M: 07825751384


Being in business, small or large, is a huge challenge. Riding the ups and downs of the economy, staying true to our B2B technical communications roots and a business partnership built on trust, have all helped the longevity of the company. “It has been a privilege and a constant education to work with so many talented entrepreneurs, running technically advanced companies. Local firms such as Wallwork and Fintek are at the forefront of surface engineering for aerospace, motorsport and medical device industries. Darwen Terracotta have risen phoenix-like to keep our terracotta architectural heritage alive and are pioneering its use in new-builds. ABM Precast are making a massive contribution to the speed at which our transport infrastructure can be renewed. The list could go on. It is companies like these that are the bedrock of UK prosperity and jobs and one can only hope that the Government develops a more supportive industrial policy to ensure success,” commented Kevin.

While keeping in touch with Ainsworth Maguire, Kevin will be spending his retirement exercising his passion for hill walking in the UK and abroad, along with keeping up the good fight against the slugs on his allotment.

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