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PR and Marketing for Aerospace – A World-Class British Industry

Aerospace is amongst most important manufacturing sectors in the UK and a major contributor to the economy. According to trade body ADS, it generates £38 billion of economic activity annually, employs 120,000 people directly and another 118,000 indirectly.

The industry is dominated by prime manufacturers such as BAe systems, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Boeing. These international companies have manufacturing and research facilities throughout the world. Supporting them is a global supply chain that includes thousands of UK companies engineering sub-systems and components. No less important than the primes, these smaller firms are continually innovating with new materials and manufacturing processes that overcome technical challenges, drive efficiency and ensure deliverability of the prime programmes.

Aerospace industry PR and Marketing

This is not the time for modesty. Farnborough International Airshow is just around the corner – the best opportunity for UK aerospace businesses to showcase their innovations  and win a bigger share of international markets.Winning the battle of ideas starts with understanding technical issues and industry drivers such as greater safety, reliability, efficiency and economy.Every business these days is, or should be, a publisher, broadcaster and educator so that it can build a deep understanding of what it does, why it is different and where it is heading.

Your web site: A well-structured site, that is  layered, so that visitors can quickly see what you do and, importantly, find the information they want. Easily identified sections should give detailed information about key business areas through high quality pictures, case studies, features and position papers that demonstrate your values, expertise and innovation.

Video: Don’t just tell me, show me. There is no better way of moving minds than to show someone your plant, your process, your test procedures and your product moving up the chain to final manufacture.

Newsletters: Now even more important because of GDPR. Permission based newsletters can address the niche concerns of different stakeholders. It is an opportunity to build engagement by a deep dialogue with a closed community with whom you share common cause.

Editorial: Print media still commands a large audience and has high credibility.  Regular contact builds confidence and understanding so offer features, facility visits and exclusive insights to win the support of these key influencers.

Social Media: Posts have a wide reach. You can use them to attract attention to more in-depth content, create curiosity, drive traffic to your web site, video or exhibition stand.

If this all sound like hard work that’s because it is. Creating these marketing tools isn’t going to be easy, but you have the experts, you have the experience and the capability – all you need is a reliable third party, with industry experience and enthusiasm, to organise and mobilise what you have. That third part, of course, is Ainsworth Maguire. Contact us now to arrange a meeting.

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