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Public Relations for Technology Businesses

Public relations for technology companies often requires an understanding of where target audiences are positioned: first adopters, technology advocates, expert users and influencers. We are turned on by technology.

The practical application of scientific principles needs communication with understanding and passion. Communication must interpret and explain innovations for non-technical audiences, but also recognise that technical experts need hard facts and evidence and are likely to vocalise criticism. Balanced and thoughtful message presentation changes attitudes, stimulates interest and generates action.

Areas where we have particular technology PR experience include:


  • Data acquisition and signal processing.
  • FPGA and COTS hardware.

Fuel Management and Control

  • Access control to systems that automatically monitor stock levels.
  • Software systems that gather, record interpret and present key management information to the fleet manager.
  • Fuel security systems.

Process Engineering

  • Systems for the brewing, dairy, food and beverage industry.
  • Software for continuous processes such a paper mills.
  • Industrial scale printing and plate making.

Security Hardware

  • Fire and intruder alarm.
  • Multiplexed CCTV.
  • Access control and location monitoring.
  • Surveillance and NPR.

Software and Web

  • Industry 4.0 smart factory shopfloor management software.
  • Online auction and retail.
  • Online translation services.
  • Police intelligence (USA).
  • Contact management.

Water Engineering and Pollution Control

  • Systems that gather data on the performance of drainage systems.
  • Hydrological modelling for more effective management of drainage systems to minimize flooding and pollution events.
  • Water sampling.

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