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Public Relations for Manufacturing, Makers and Production

We have a strong affinity for manufacturing and have decades of experience serving this sector. Often unheard, misunderstood and grossly undervalued, manufacturing deserves a higher share of voice and greater recognition.

You will have many positive stories to tell of technical breakthroughs, rising productivity, heroic project delivery, innovation, training and so much more. We help you tell these stories by developing compelling content delivered via news releases, web pages and company video to raise your profile and build a stronger brand. Areas of experience include:

Aerospace & Automotive Components

  • Investment casting.
  • Metal heat treatment processes.
  • Advanced hard coating.
  • Centrifugal deburring and honing.


  • Investment casting in aerospace foundries.
  • Machine shops for aerospace component manufacture.
  • Component finishing and processing.
  • Component hardening by heat treatment and advanced coating.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Manufacture of electric overhead cranes and hoists.
  • Components for conveyors.
  • Rail systems and component manufacture.
  • Fabrication of HVAC components and systems.
  • Press shops.


  • Manufacture of major structural components.
  • Manufacture of fitted furniture.
  • Distribution of excavators and cherry pickers.
  • Design, procurement and installation of light weight structures.
  • Manufacture of industrial doors, shutters and shading systems.


  • Power distribution and control systems.
  • Manufacture of rail safety systems.
  • Manufacture of solar shading controls.
  • Launch of compact motors and drives.
  • Manufacture of monitoring and control equipment for the water industry.
  • Glands and connectors for harsh and hazardous environments.

Hot Work

  • Manufacture of high temperature castings.
  • Manufacture of ductile iron castings.
  • Aluminium casting.

We will engage with your target audiences and potential customers to tell your story.

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