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All original material on the Ainsworth Maguire PR web site is copyright of Ainsworth Maguire.

All material provided by clients and their suppliers has been included with their permission to further the aims of their public relations campaigns. All this material is copyright of our clients and their respective suppliers. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of any of these pages is prohibited except to the extent permitted outlined below.

Journalists, broadcasters, web news editors, magazine, newspaper and other media editors/producers can download news room pages to hard disk, edit and re-use the information in their respective media for the purpose of news production.

Ainsworth Maguire clients are permitted to use all the information in their specified news room. They are also allowed to authorise their customers, media representatives or other parties they see fit to use the material in their specified news room, without permission from Ainsworth Maguire. However Ainsworth Maguire clients can not use material from other client news rooms without requesting permission first.

Other than outlined above, the Ainsworth Maguire web site may not be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose, whether in whole or in part, without the prior permission in writing of an Ainsworth Maguire partner.

If you require more information about privacy, please email: Copyright Enquiry


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