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Public Relations for Engineering, Manufacturing & Industry

From providing public relations over 30 years, we have developed a real empathy for companies in engineering, manufacturing and industry. From this comes an understanding that promoting complex products is a contest of ideas in an ever evolving business environment. As your PR, content creation and marketing partner we are your advocate – promoting your unique technical achievements and service elements that differentiate you from the crowd.

The drive for greater efficiency and productivity is a constant goal in engineering and manufacturing enterprises. This has given rise to movements for increased quality, standardisation, product compliance, just-in-time, lean manufacturing, value chain analysis and sustainability. A deep knowledge and PR experience in engineering and manufacturing include: 

Aerospace & Automotive Components

  • Investment casting.
  • Metal heat treatment processes.
  • Advanced hard coating.
  • Centrifugal deburring and honing.

Cranes and Mechanical Handling

  • Foundries hot metal production through to steel stock holding.
  • Marine including luxury yacht construction.
  • Machine building and engineering fabrication.
  • Defence in peace and in the field camp.
  • Construction in stock holding and on-site.
  • Automotive, rail aerospace and many more. 

Hazardous and Offshore Environments

  • Safety lighting.
  • ATEX equipment such as cable glands and connectors.
  • Non-spark tools.
  • Enclosures.

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories

  • Shop-floor management software.
  • Industrial internet of things.
  • Machine to machine communications.
  • Factory visualisation.

Rail Engineering

  • Trackside systems.
  • On train monitoring, speed and roll back protection.
  • Wheel and track lubrication systems.
  • Rail safety systems.

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