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Public Relations for Construction, Facilities & Property Companies

Public Relations and content creation for the construction, building, facilities and property sector is our speciality. You need a PR company on your side that understands the complexity of B2B businesses and that can help you reach the whole construction team. Typically, communication needs to touch clients, inform their professional advisers and specifiers such as building engineers, surveyors and architects and also reach influencers such as planners and building control.

Construction firms face a unique set of issues such as building regulations, sustainability, future-proofing, balancing traditional values and innovation, productivity, efficiency and aesthetic considerations. Areas of construction and building in which we have specific experience include:


  • Consumer units and circuit breakers.
  • Low voltage switch gear.

Building Systems and Components

  • Roof drainage and perimeter cladding.
  • uPVC glazing and composite doors.
  • Motorised solar shading, and industrial access.
  • Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent building systems.

Finishes and Landscape

  • High performance protective coatings.
  • Street furniture – bollards, signage seating etc.
  • Explosive resistant litter bins.

HVAC and Building Services

  • Ventilation and thermal principles to a working knowledge of air-conditioning, heat pumps, and system controls.
  • Fire ventilation and smoke control.
  • Security, including CCTV and access control.
Structural Engineering
  • Pre-cast concrete components.
  • Concrete reinforcement.
  • Ground interactive bridge structures.
  • Trenchless technology for pipe and sewer refurbishment.

We will engage with your target audiences and potential customers to tell your story.

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