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Let’s Make Empty Web Sites Obsolete

If ‘content is king’ why are there so many content-poor web sites out there? These sites often look attractive, they have the right structure so they are easy to understand and navigate, good pictures, good use of colour, easy responsive resizing and a hint that there could be something interesting to read. They even include tabs that say news, blog, case studies and video. However, when you click these tabs you are usually presented with something from three years ago at best or, at worst, simply left with a blank.

Now we all know that B2B web sites are your showroom, your best sales person and the means by which you can attract, impress, engage and begin a dialogue with potential clients and partners. Visitors that come via the web site are already on their journey.  Why not enable rather than frustrate their attempts to get to know you, to build confidence so they feel they can take that final step and make contact with you?

Building a web site is a complex process that never stops. It involves many disciplines. Even before web designers have asked to weave their magic there should be thought for what content you want. Believe it or not – most web site designers will not create the actual content. That leaves you three choices: one, you do it; two, you ask specialist B2B content creator like us to do it for you; or three, nobody actually does it. Choice one is often an initial reaction to a quote from choosing to go down the path of choice two. However, once the size of the task dawns, choice one usually ends up with the result of choice three by default. This often explains why many otherwise good web sites, lack the content they were clearly originally designed to host.

The process for creating compelling content – text, images, graphics, video – really needs to start way before the build. Part of this process will be an audit of what you already have. Content needs to be information led, so that it is relevant to your customers – and also of value to search engines that do the indexing. This way you can build a plan for a site that will attract and retain the attention of your customers, that has real value to them, that projects you as a knowledgeable, credible business that is worth talking to and that will continue to grow and be a magnet for new business.

Storytelling – the kind that is at the core of good PR – is a good starting point for solid, meaningful web content. Who uses your product and why? What were they doing before and why was this unsatisfactory? Are there technical and commercial changes in the industry – innovations, new standards or insurgent competitors – that are driving change? From this process you can produce a list of stories for the content master plan.

A good content plan will integrate with other technical marketing activity. A white paper produced for a conference can be re-purposed for the web site. It may be reworked as a case study, a feature for a leading trade journal, perhaps the basis for a how-to video, the subject for a blog, and signposted by social media. Integration, cross referencing linking to other credible sources and organisations all creates customer confidence, builds visibility and adds real value to your business proposition.

We can help you with all of this. As B2B communicators with decades of experience in engineering, construction and technology we understand the issues. Out team has the skills to bring everything together to give your customers the content they need from your web site. This can include a rolling programme of content refreshment and additions to ensure it remains a destination site for your core audience.

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