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Photography - Shining Light on the Drama of Industrial Environments

It has been sometime since the last blog. The pandemic has meant access to industrial sites has been necessarily restricted. However, it is fantastic to be able to kick off again with another illustration of why professional photography with lighting transforms industrial settings that some might perceive as too difficult to photograph.

Now, I could go on, but the lovely people at Manufacturing Update magazine have done a wonderful job of publishing my words in their June issue already, along with stunning images from award winning photographer Adrian Waine.

Hop over to Manufacturing Update – June  2022 and take a look. The article features on the cover and you can jump straight to the double-page article by clicking on the title. You can also jump to it by clicking the image below.

Industrial photography in Manufacturing Update

If you need photography to transform your industrial facility and make it look out of the ordinary contact Adrian Waine, Photography for Industry, on: 0151 356 3855. Also see this earlier blog: Adrian Waine, Shares Tips on Getting the Best Pictures

If you also need press releases, feature articles, social posts, brochures, web pages – all things wordy – to go with the images then contact me, Adrian Maguire, on: 0161 408 7888.

Adrian and I (I know, two Adrian’s might be confusing) have worked together over many years on various projects.

Remember all the other great things you can do with your professional images too: exhibition blow-ups, large framed boardroom prints, themed room design, company history publications, insert stills into video and more.

I would like to end the blog by thanking my client Wallwork Heat Treatment for commissioning the photography. Should anyone from SECO/Warwick, the makers of the vacuum furnaces, be tuning in – we are always looking for new commissions

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