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Do You Think Your Products and Services are not Sexy?

I ask only because it seems to becoming something of mantra when I see prospective new customers.

With over 30 years’ experience providing PR services to engineering, manufacturing, technology and construction businesses, I can quite honestly say none of my clients have ever done ‘sexy’. They produce products and services with beneficial attributes that appeal to the people who need them. My job is to communicate those benefits.

Products and services don't have to be sexy for successful PR

It is a worrying trend that some businesses have come to believe that ‘sexiness’ is some kind of prerequisite for successful PR. Another term used has been ‘we are just bottom-feeders’.

I know that these expressions are a more colourful way of saying ‘I don’t see, why anyone would want to publish news or articles about what we do.’

Possibly, with all the palaver around Brexit, there is a dense cloud of negativity overhanging the national psyche, but businesses do need to have faith and enthusiasm in their own products and services. How can anyone communicate with potential customers without them?

At Ainsworth Maguire we have written about and had published in relevant media read by target audiences, news and articles about aerospace components, through electronics to simple cleaning materials. We have covered hundreds of products and services that had natural appeal to those who need them. The companies producing them were not the top brands in their industry – they gained publication on the merit of having something interesting to say and investing in the time to say it.

There are branches of PR where ‘sexiness’ has its place, but that is not where you or I reside. Your customers want to know about you, what you do and why they should consider you. Media, whether print or digital, public or self-created, needs your input.

Of course you could attempt do this yourself. You could also service your own car, represent yourself in court and do your own accounts, but chances are you would rather a professional did these for you. And when it comes to communication through creating content, that is what Ainsworth Maguire is here for.

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