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Use Video to Market Your Business

The importance of video is growing rapidly. Smart phones, tablets, SmartTVs, live web streaming, in-car/in-flight entertainment, wearables, virtual reality, gaming – the list goes on, all driving an insatiable demand for content. Business-to-consumer markets tend to pioneer new techniques and devices, but ever more quickly these are taken-up by companies in business-to-business – commercial, construction, engineering and manufacturing.

Hardware and software needed to make great videos has never been more affordable or easier to use. This is complemented by a vast array of distribution channels across the internet and social media. Video can be used to sell, inform, persuade, or even change people’s perceptions. It can capture people’s imaginations, inspire loyalty and evoke action. Videos can be viewed online 24/7 and shared amongst contacts, achieving a much wider reach and engaging with customers.

Elite Film and Media

Professional production services are equally affordable – we can help. Pictured: in action our video production partner, Elite Film & Media.

Here is just a few reasons why video should be part of your PR toolkit:

  • Video allows you to showcase your achievements and sell your products and services, while capturing the essence of the business, such as the culture and corporate values and beliefs. It can differentiate your business from that of your competitors, an important factor in the decision making process.
  • Video is a great way to tell your story, whether it is the history of the company or the range of products or services on offer. Other than optimising for the chosen distribution channel, there is little restriction on the length of the video, giving you time to communicate your messages effectively.
  • To ensure your video ranks highly amongst search engines it must be supported by a title, description and tags. You can also help boost search engine rankings by using transcripts.
  • Video can heighten consumer experience of a brand or product. It can also help reinforce purchases, particularly ones that may be costly and require a degree of research as part of the decision making process.
  • Video can be shared with your contacts on social media. This will initiate a discussion around your business or products and may result in the sharing your video with their contacts.
  • Customer testimonials are very powerful and credible when captured in video. The testimonials need to be believable, not scripted, and should give a true account of the customer’s experience.
  • Video can be used to train employees. It is far more interesting than reading a wordy training document. Employees can watch the video at their own pace and preferred.
  • Once the video is completed it can then be promoted through links embedded in  news releases, posted on social media sites, included in e-mail signatures, sent to clients via e-newsletters. As well as being used at exhibitions and events, it can even be included in broadcast programmes on TV if initial production values and newsworthiness grab the attention of the big broadcasters.

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