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New Video: Find Out About Our B2B PR Service in Three Minutes

A common phrase heard around this time of year is ‘It doesn’t seem like a year since…’. Well, here in the Ainsworth Maguire office it has been, ‘Wow, really? Three years? Are you sure?’ And that is when we had last updated our company video. I am glad to say, this has been rectified with the help of Gaby, our video wizard at Elite Film and Media.

 New Ainsworth Maguire PR video

Refreshed, a whole one minute sixteen second shorter, the new video is in place on our web site and can also be watched on YouTube. If you are already overdosed on John Lewis adverts, frazzled by the recent bombardment of Black Friday e-mails, then sit back, put your feet up and enjoy three minutes with our video. We have also added a brand new and especially soothing backing track – very relaxing and easy on the ear.

It is the quickest way to find out about us and our PR and content creation services for engineering, manufacturing, construction and technology companies. If you like what you hear and see – then why not give us a call on 0161 408 7888?


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