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YouTube Video from Adrian Waine, Award Winning Photography for Industry

I know it may seem like I keep banging on about professional photography with proper lighting. Well, I am not going to stop anytime soon. It is just so important. While the marketing budgets for most SME industrial firms rarely extends to the multi-million pound pots for many consumer campaigns – budgets of tens or hundreds of thousands are common.

Professional photography by Adrian Waine at DuPont

Of course the competition for how this money is spent over the year is fierce. Advertisements, videos, PR, exhibitions, social media, websites, brochures and other print – the list is endless and the budget is finite. However, there is one highly skilled discipline that underpins all of these, and that is professional photography. Yet it is often overlooked, or worse, ignored – hastily snapped, poorly lit, badly composed phone images often standing in where a professional image should be pride of place. 

Whatever budget is allocated for marketing, at best, without professional images, you are weakening the impact of your overall presentation to potential customers, at worst, you may actually be harming your reputation. You don’t know how many people poor quality images have put off from contacting you. You never will know. So why not allocate some of your marketing budget each year for a professional photographer, with lighting, to come in and start creating a portfolio of images that always present your company the best you can throughout all of your promotional assets?

Adrian Waine video outlining the importance of industrial photography

Enough from me. Award winning photographer, Adrian Waine, has produced this short video (or click image above) with the help of Picture House Films. See some of his work and how it adds impact to any form of marketing.

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