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Construction – An Industry with a Powerful Story to Tell

The construction industry has many heroic and inspiring stories to tell. Consider the statistics: construction creates £103 billion economic value per year, 6.5% of all economic activity. It employs 2.1 million people, 6.2% of the workforce. It supports vast industries producing construction materials, building plant and equipment, and world class professional services such as architecture and engineering consultancy.

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A traditional and usually conservative industry, construction has been set ambitious trgets in the UK Governments Industrial Strategy:

  • To reduce the cost of construction and the whole-life cost of operating building by 33%
  • To reduce the cycle time from concept to completion by 50%
  • To reduce the greenhouse gasses produced by the construction process by 50%
  • To halve the trade gap in construction materials

In response, the industry is innovating at all levels. Companies will need to explain the changes they are making and promote their products and services in a complex and competitive environment. The contest of ideas will be hard fought and will require in-depth marketing support from a team that knows the industry. A team that can offer the full spectrum of media from print and editorial to newsletters, photography, videos and social media.

We can help and have in-depth experience gained from working with clients in:

Infrastructure: pre-cast concrete structures such as bridge beams, tunnel and culvert components, parapets and innovative ground-interactive tunnel/bridge systems.  Systems for high speed and permanent remediation of sewers. Innovative approaches to cast concrete reinforcement that save material, promote productivity and drive down cost.

Building services: conventional and low-energy technologies, for heating, cooling, harvesting energy from the environment, heat recovery, passive technologies such as insulation and fire defence systems.  We also know our way around the industry of access control, security, and CCTV.

Construction materials: from traditional and modern terracotta and faience cladding, through louvred components for curtain walling, to light-weight permanent structures that lower costs and speed construction time.

Plant and Equipment: from excavators and cranes to instrumentation for moisture detection and quality assurance.

We can work with your team, with minimal learning curve, to  hit the ground running. Using news releases, feature articles, web site publishing, social media, photography and video we can tell your story.


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