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Fintek have been solving metal small parts finishing problems for more than 35 years. Machine deburring and super fine surface finishing reduces costs for engineers in aerospace, autosport, toolmaking, medical device and other demanding precision industries.
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1) Fintek is equipped with the latest Otec surface finishing machines designed to give any aerospace customer component that performance edge

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At the Farnborough International Airshow, on stand 4/H40, Fintek will show how even minor improvements in surface finishing can yield significant gains in part performance for aerospace component manufacture.

Jonathan Dean, Fintek managing director explains, “reducing component cost is rarely the main aim of aerospace manufacturers. There is a constant drive to improve surface finish. Every incremental advance helps the manufacturer deliver a better part with greater performance and that contributes to the aviation industry’s need for larger, stronger and lighter components that reduce overall aircraft weight, noise and fuel use while lengthening servicing intervals.”

Fintek are certified to AS9100 and can advise on super fine surface finishing for most complex engineered aerospace components. They provide a complete sub-contract service from free trial processing to full scaled-up mass finishing. One-off components are also catered for. Sometimes more than one surface finish can be achieved in a single process – for example deburring and edge radiusing, fine grinding and polishing or other combinations.

A good example of this is what happened when one leading second tier aerospace component manufacturer hit a serious month end bottle neck. A hand-deburring process for connectors, with notoriously difficult external threads, was causing the backlog. Despite a dedicated team whose sole task was to hand deburr, product completion was being delayed.

The manufacturer sent two parts to Fintek for a test. First Fintek designed and made the tooling necessary to hold the parts and then used one of their Otec pulse head centrifugal deburring machines. After a little time experimenting with various media and cycle times, the company was able to precisely deburr each part in five minutes per part to the required standard of finish.

Not only was this process a vast reduction in the time spent in costly hand deburring, it achieved additional surface finishing in the same process that was repeatable with a consistency impossible to produce by hand. A bonus benefit from the automated process was a degree of edge radiusing that improved the strength of otherwise brittle and easy to damage edges.

Convinced that this was the way to go, the aerospace manufacturer rushed the backlog of components to Fintek who cleared it in just three days. Fintek continue to process up to 300 components a month for the company.

A team of Fintek experts will be on stand 4/H40 at Farnborough on trade show days July 11 to 15th, ready to discuss and advise on surface finishing improvements for manufactured aerospace parts and cutting tools.

Don't want to wait until July? Then the team are also at Subcon, June 7-9, NEC Birmingham, Stand A54.

Visit the Fintek web site: to find out more about aerospace component surface finishing.


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Jonathan Dean, T.+44 (0)1706 825819 F.+44 (0)1706 825748
E-mail: Web:
Fintek, Holcombe Brook, Bury, BL0 9SA, UK

Release issued: May 20, 2016

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