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Fintek have been solving metal small parts finishing problems for more than 35 years. Machine deburring and super fine surface finishing reduces costs for engineers in aerospace, autosport, toolmaking, medical device and other demanding precision industries.
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The Alicona EdgeMaster supplied by Optimax is used for measuring cutting tool edges as part of edge preparation at Fintek

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Surface finishing experts, Fintek, have in invested in a new Bruker Alicona EdgeMaster. The automatic metrology system for cutting tools is supplied and supported by Optimax Imaging Inspection & Measurement Ltd in the UK.  

The efficiency and life of cutting tools is vastly improved by accurate edge preparation. Tool condition also directly affects the surface finish of a machined area and the need for additional post-processing to meet the required end product quality. Therefore, precise edge measurements are vital before and after surface finishing and edge rounding.

High resolution capabilities of the Alicona EdgeMaster confirms the precision of Fintek’s edge preparation services to cutting tool manufacturers and tool users. General manager, Jamie Phillips, explains, “Our previous system for measuring tool edges was straining to keep pace with high demand and current work flows. The EdgeMaster gives us faster measurement of cutting tool edges with increased accuracy. Having previously worked with Optimax, we know that the EdgeMaster comes with great support.”

“Cutting tool manufacturers go to great lengths to design and make their products effective for specific materials and workpieces. Drilling holes, for example, in composites, aluminium, steel, hard or soft plastics all require cutting tools with different characteristics. With the EdgeMaster we can rapidly and accurately measure a tool before edge preparation. Using the data we then select the best combination of OTEC finishing machine, process media and process parameters to achieve the target edge profile and finish. After post-processing we quickly measure again to provide verification and traceability to customers. This is all documented in the Alicona software.” added Fintek production manager, Jason Hornby.

The EdgeMaster precisely measures edge radii >2µm as well as rake, wedge and clearance angle for different types of tools, including waterfall and trumpet, inserts, milling cutters and more. The accuracy of measurements are not affected by vibrations, temperature or ambient light.

In addition to finishing services for tool manufacturers, Fintek recondition worn tools – HSS, carbide or coated – to the original manufacturer’s standard or even better.  They are also UK agent for OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH and distribute their comprehensive range of advanced surface finishing equipment to cutting tool makers throughout the UK.

Fintek will be at Mach 2024, Stand 19-16,

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Jamie Phillips, General Manager, Tel. +44 (0)1706 283 927
Fintek, Halter Inn Works, Holcombe Brook, Bury, Lancashire, BL0 9SA
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Release issued: December 12, 2023


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