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Fintek have been solving metal small parts finishing problems for more than 35 years. Machine deburring and super fine surface finishing reduces costs for engineers in aerospace, autosport, toolmaking, medical device and other demanding precision industries.
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United Kingdom
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2) A complete range of metal surface finishing technologies is available under one roof, backed by extensive manufacturing experience

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Long-time UK exclusive supplier of Otec deburring and polishing machines Fintek has expanded its subcontract services. Stream finishing, disc finishing and drag finishing provide a truly one-stop shop for metal component manufacturers requiring a high quality metal finishing service rather than the purchase of machines.

“While capital budgets are under pressure, today’s innovative engineered components and parts demand ever higher surface finishing quality. Many more manufacturers are turning to our subcontract service where the full range of Otec deburring equipment, together with some traditional technologies, can be deployed to meet exacting customer quality needs,” explained managing director, Jonathan Dean.

Highly specialised aerospace, medical, automotive, cutting tool and other precision engineered components, produced in large or small quantities, are either not economic or suitable to traditional manual or machine operations. Attaining a consistent high quality edge radius, for example, is almost impossible to do by hand. Selecting the right process, Fintek can do it precisely and quickly – every time. While investment in a full range of machine technologies may not be justified, subcontracting surface finishing of the part to a well-equipped, specialised and experienced company becomes cost effective - with Fintek having built their know-how over thirty-five years.

“There is no risk for engineers. We understand the confidentially required to process components for blue chip manufacturers. We take samples and prove the quality of finish achievable, free of charge, before scaling to up to full production,” added Jonathan.

Forming tools, cutting tools and other precision engineered components made from a wide variety of materials can all benefit from edge radiusing, deburring, smoothing and polishing. The company’s inspection and quality control lab ensures all finished components meet the standards agreed with customers.

"Outsourcing component surface finishing can really help manufacturers keep their competitive edge by having access to the latest surface finishing machines and expertise just when they need it. Our wealth of experience combined with the full backing of Otec in Germany gives an unrivalled depth of knowledge to help in producing the optimum component,” concluded Jonathan.

See video of machines in action:

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Fintek, Holcombe Brook, Bury, BL0 9SA, UK

Release issued: September 20, 2013

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