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Damar International Ltd
Founded in 1985, the company continues to expand supplying quality tools, equipment and machinery to all sectors of industry. Importing from over 30 countries, exporting to over 50 countries and supplying the products of over 300 leading manufacturers.
45 Humberstone Drive
T. +44 (0)1162 764 144
F. +44 (0)1162 460 663

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1) Worx – a range of effective hand cleansing and care products from Canada - is now available in the UK through hand tool distributor, Damar International

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The need for deep or frequent hand cleaning is an issue in many industries and occupations. Recognising the complexity of these problems, Brian Martin, managing director of engineering tool distributors Damar International scoured the world to find Worx – a range of effective hand cleansing and care products from Canada.

There are Worx products formulated for every application from dirty trades needing deep hand cleaning such as engineering and printing to occupations such as food processing and medical maintenance facilities where high frequency hand washing is common.

Brian explained, “These products are revolutionary, they have no harsh chemicals, abrasives or solvents, but do include skin conditioners. They preserve the natural oils in the skin to avoid dryness and cracking, so that deep or frequent hand cleaning is no longer a problem.”

The All Natural Hand Cleaner, a heavy-duty formulation that is totally biodegradable, comes as an economical dry powder for effective removal of grease and in-grained dirt in normal wet washing. It will not freeze, it will not separate under hot weather conditions, has years of shelf life and does not require any special transport considerations.

Waterless, is a cream formulation that is ideal for farmers, service engineers, or others who do not have access to a washroom. Simply apply the cream, rub the hands together to release the dirt and remove the residue with a tissue.

Clean and Gentle, is a cream formulation for use with water that is ideal for users in the food industry, medical or care occupations where frequent hand cleaning is required throughout the working day.

Pearl, is a luxury mild fragranced liquid for washroom and shower use in offices, hotels, hospitals and schools.

Packaging options include special dispensers to ensure delivery of the correct amount of hand cleaner and ensure economy. Being based on entirely natural ingredients that are biodegradable Worx All Natural Hand Cleaner does not pollute waterways or harm the environment. All products are free from phosphates and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


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Damar International Ltd, Clipper Road, Troon Industrial Estate, Leicester, LE4 9JE, UK

Release issued: April 8, 2009

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