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Damar International Ltd

Damar International Ltd
Founded in 1985, the company continues to expand supplying quality tools, equipment and machinery to all sectors of industry. Importing from over 30 countries, exporting to over 50 countries and supplying the products of over 300 leading manufacturers.
45 Humberstone Drive
T. +44 (0)1162 764 144
F. +44 (0)1162 460 663

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1) At the core, Vigor offers sockets, wrenches, spanners, combination ratchets, adapters, screwdrivers, pliers, drill sets and all the common tools you would expect

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Engineering tool specialist Damar International is the new UK exclusive distributor for the Danish range of Carltsoe non-spark hand tools. The tools are approved for safe use in Zone 0, 1 and 2 hazardous areas in offshore and onshore oil and gas production, distribution and processing. They also have applications in other potentially explosive environments, such as munitions manufacture and in nuclear and petrochemical plants, where there are similar hazards.

Manufactured to the highest standard in accordance with ISO quality assurance systems, each Carltsoe tool is individually inspected and tested and bears the Ex logo to distinguish it from non-compliant equipment. The tools non-spark, anti-magnetic and corrosion resistant properties arise from the heat treated and hardened Copper Beryllium or Aluminium Bronze alloys used in their production. All tools have a lifetime warranty against breakage or failure.

The tools will help users comply with ATEX hazardous area directives and are approved by OSHA, DIN, NATO, ISO and other certifying bodies. Leading oil and gas producers such as Esso, Exxon, Stat Oil, BP and others rely on these tools as part of their production safety systems.

There are over 3000 items in the Carltsoe catalogue. Damar will offer the full range of tools including core tools such as spanners, wrenches, pliers, saws, scrapers and screwdrivers. Other specialist items in the range that are likely to be required in process environments include pipe cutters, clamps, shackles, files and marking tools.

“Health and safety compliance is a critical issue for all industries. Where explosive gases or dusts are present, or even just fleetingly possible, it is better to take no risks. Carltsoe equipment has been meeting this safety requirement since 1956 and we are proud to be able to offer this superb range of tools in the UK,” commented Brian Martin, managing director at Damar International.


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Brian Martin, Tel +44 (0)1162 764144 Fax +44 (0)1162 460663
E-mail: Web:
Damar International Ltd, Clipper Road, Troon Industrial Estate, Leicester, LE4 9JE, UK

Release issued: April 21, 2009

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