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ABM Precast Solutions

ABM Precast Solutions
ABM Precast Solutions is a global market leader in construction, civil engineering and the manufacturing of precast concrete products. ABM has an unrivalled track record in design and construction projects and complex precast concrete applications.
Ollerton Road
NG22 0PQ
United Kingdom


1) An innovative Matière modular concrete box bridge casting being lifted by a new crane.

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Civil engineering precast concrete structures specialist, ABM Bridge Systems, has completed the first phase of a major expansion programme. Investment in new high-capacity cranes and additional moulds has boosted capacity and provided greater production flexibility.

As licensees for the innovative Matière modular concrete buried box and arch systems, ABM has had considerable success in Ireland. The company has identified further major opportunities for these robust soil stabilised structures in UK highway, railway and other infrastructure projects where speed of construction, minimisation of possession time and low long term maintenance are priorities.

Mike Sanderson, business development manager, commented, “The investment reflects the considerable further potential in the UK for the Matière bridge and underpass system. There are hundreds of these systems in Ireland and thousands throughout the world. The structures are a highly competitive alternative to conventional construction that allow projects to go forward more rapidly.”

Two new semi-Goliath cranes, each operating at 30 tonnes safe working load and fitted with five-tonne auxiliary hoists, used in tandem routinely handle concrete structural elements of up to 60 tonnes. Using mobile cranes, the company has a capacity to manufacture and transport precast concrete elements of up to 100 tonnes.

Serving a new casting floor of 2,400 square metres, the cranes are used for mould positioning, casting, de-moulding and handling precast units. The yard’s own concrete batching plant formulates the optimum concrete mix design for each application. Using only CARES approved bar; the on site bar-bending and cage making facilities provide appropriate reinforcement with end-to-end quality assurance systems on all production processes.

ABM provides a complete service including project evaluation, design, casting, transport and on-site structure erection. The company has a design team of nine, in addition to the 30 strong workforce on site. All installation teams are directly employed so that QA standards are followed right to the end of the process.

Located at Tuxford, near the A1 in the East Midlands, ABM is well placed to serve all areas of the UK. In addition to producing Matière units the company produce bridge beams, parapets, tunnels, car park components, earth-retaining systems, tanks, buried structures and other precast concrete elements. The investment underpins employment at the Tuxford site and the company anticipates that there will be further developments over the coming months.


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Mike Sanderson, Business Development Manager, Tel. +44 (0)1777 872233
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ABM Precast Solutions, Ollerton Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0PQ

Release issued: August 9, 2007

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