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ABM Precast Solutions

ABM Precast Solutions
ABM Precast Solutions is a global market leader in construction, civil engineering and the manufacturing of precast concrete products. ABM has an unrivalled track record in design and construction projects and complex precast concrete applications.
Ollerton Road
NG22 0PQ
United Kingdom


1) The new facility means that ABM can now manufacture U and W section pre-stressed concrete bridge beams of up to 120 tonnes

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Investment at ABM’s Nottinghamshire facility is permitting production of an increased range of larger, heavier bridge components. The new facility means that the company can now manufacture U and W section pre-stressed concrete bridge beams of up to 120 tonnes alongside their existing wide range of products. This additional capability allows ABM to offer customers shorter cycle times, even for the heaviest and most complex beams, and a product of high and consistent quality.

The development follows a careful examination of some of the leading beam casting facilities in Europe to create an adaptable process that not only offers rapid output but that can be quickly changed to produce different types of beams. Reinforcements and stressing components are prefabricated off line, so these can be craned into the moulds and tensioned prior to the concrete pour. Controlled heating of the moulds then speeds the strengthening of the concrete to the point where tensioning can be released. Curing advances rapidly in the temperature controlled environment permitting beams to attain the necessary strength for stress load transfer using sequence controlled ‘mass de-tensioning’ hydraulic rams.

“The new plant is 64 metres long. With our increased 120 tonnes lift capacity this gives us the capability to produce the largest bridge beams in the UK or multiples of smaller units. No other pre-cast concrete manufacturer on the UK mainland has the capacity for these large beams, this flexibility and such an extensive product range,” explained business development manager Mike Sanderson.

First castings with the new facilities began in June 2015 and the first W section beams cast in January 2016. In addition to offering the largest range of conventional bridge beams, ABM also manufactures a range of bespoke reinforced concrete components for the civil engineering sector along with its unique Arch and Portal Frame system which maximises the use of geotechnical engineering to produce efficient and rapidly installed bridge systems. With sister companies across Europe, ABM has unprecedented access to expertise and technology for the production of pre-cast concrete structures.


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Mike Sanderson, Business Development Manager, Tel. +44 (0)1777 872233
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ABM Precast Solutions, Ollerton Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0PQ

Release issued: May 4, 2016

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