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ABM Precast Solutions

ABM Precast Solutions
ABM Precast Solutions is a global market leader in construction, civil engineering and the manufacturing of precast concrete products. ABM has an unrivalled track record in design and construction projects and complex precast concrete applications.
Ollerton Road
NG22 0PQ
United Kingdom


1) To project a consistent image in all markets a new web site has been created

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The ABM construction and civil engineering group is re-branding its European operations. Managing Director Sean Minihane explained, “We have grown substantially in recent years, expanding both the area of our operations and range of construction services. The re-branding will clarify our offer in each country and establish each of the divisions as a unit under the ABM banner.”

ABM established a presence in the UK with the acquisition of pre-cast concrete manufacturer Precon in 2006. This business focussed on the manufacture of bespoke pre-cast structural components. Substantial investment has been made in the Nottinghamshire site, including the introduction of the Matière system of pre-engineered concrete bridging structures. To reflect the different nature of these businesses, two divisions will operate in the UK, ABM Precast Solutions Ltd for bespoke precast units and ABM Bridge Systems for Matière buried precast concrete structures.

In Ireland the company is best known as a leading contractor for general construction. However, in recent years there has been considerable growth in heavy civil engineering work, largely based on the use of the Matière bridge system. The construction and civil engineering business units will now be known respectively as ABM Construction and ABM Bridge Systems.

The company also holds the licence for Matière structures in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. In these three countries the company will trade under a single identity, ABM Mosty.

The global headquarters for the group will continue to be Dublin. To project a consistent image in all markets a new web site has been created which showcases the work of all the divisions.


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Mike Sanderson, Business Development Manager, Tel. +44 (0)1777 872233
E-mail: Web:
ABM Precast Solutions Ltd, Ollerton Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0PQ

Release issued: May 7, 2008


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