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Have Your Say on Britain’s Future Industrial Strategy

The Industrial Strategy Commission is inviting submissions from manufacturers about the future direction for industry in the UK. Leading the commission are accomplished academics and economists from Manchester and Sheffield Universities and who will be producing a report that will go directly to the government.

Details of the commission and how to make a submission are here

Industrial Strategy Commission web site

Industrial Strategy Commission web site

Themes on which they are seeking evidence are:
  • Overall strengths and weaknesses of the economy
  • Skills
  • Productivity
  • Finance
  • Science and innovation
  • The new manufacturing economy
  • Climate change and energy transitions
  • Emerging technologies
  • Infrastructure
  • The role of the state
  • Policy making
  • International comparisons
  • Past UK experience and history

The door is open for every manufacturer to shape the debate and influence future policy.  Post Brexit we face a business environment that has changed radically. The devaluation of Sterling has provided an immediate boost for many companies, especially exporters, but there are downsides as well.

Manufacturers face higher costs for imported raw materials and components. European Union support via ERDF, support for science and innovation and other schemes will also go. Companies that source labour, at both ends of the skill spectrum, from Europe will also face difficulties.

Who knows what will happen long term to major international investors in UK manufacturing like Airbus, Alsthom, Bombardier, Ford, GM/Peugeot, Honda, Hitachi, Nissan/Renault and Toyota to name just a few tier-one manufacturers. Each of these supports a whole eco-system of suppliers and other dependent businesses.

Can innovation and technology save us. Is there a future in advanced manufacturing or simply a race to the bottom with low skills, low wages and decline?

If all that wasn’t enough, we now have the implications a snap general election to contend with.

The deadline for submissions is May 2nd, so you need to get your skates on if you want to have your say.

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