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Ainsworth Maguire PR Signing Off for 2018 and Signposting 2019

Well that went quick! 2018 has been a packed PR year. Supporting clients at exhibitions including Mach, Advanced Engineering, Subcon and Farnborough. The latter is always a highlight, Farnborough is a place where you not only see your clients showing their knowhow and capability to potential customers, but you also get a chance to see their engineering triumphs in action on aircraft in the air displays.

farnborough2018 aerospace engineering 650px

Many feature articles have been written and published this year. an activity that always challenges and extends the grey-matter. It is also made possible by the fact that clients have in-depth stories to tell and there is still a tremendous trade media out there that not only survives but has adapted so well to publish across print, web, e-newsletters, video and more. To name a few worthies – Production Engineering Solutions, Grinding and Surface Finishing, Aerospace Manufacturing, Industrial Technology, Machinery Market. There are still hundreds of trade magazines and they represent a valuable way to reach your targeted audience.

Alongside the extensive writing exercises, there have been technical projects such as moving websites to new hosts and https. Creating hundreds of social posts, writing blogs and web news, writing and distributing press releases, managing and creating advertisements, and these have all contributed to make this a busy year.

2019 promises more of the same but, like everyone, there is concern over how Brexit eventually plays out. One suspects that, like the financial crisis, its true impact will only become clear retrospectively. Whatever, the immediate outcome, I wish you a very successful and prosperous 2019.


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