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Advertising Doesn’t Get More Mobile Than This!

Here is a great idea if you want to take your recent company video out on the road – literally! A new service from Gaby, our video production partner, is Elite Digital Advertising –  Luton sized vans which can be parked up where you require. On the sides and back panels there are huge flat screens showing your video, advertisement or other promotional messages.

So if you are planning a roadshow, exhibiting at a trade show, want a van to park-up near a regular traffic hot spot or be in an area with high footfall (subject to it being legal), you can broadcast your video to all around. No need to hire specialist AV equipment and riggers along with all the necessary transport. Elite Digital Advertising’s approach is simple, cost effective and highly mobile.

The Ultra HD screen size is four metres by two metres in a 16:9 ratio, matching broadcasting widescreen standards to create a high quality viewing experience.

There is a range of packages available from one hour slots to day rates, covering single or multiple locations. Vans are fitted with GPS trackers so you can monitor your ad campaign. Flyers can be handed out by drivers and a choice of PA equipment, lasers and other effects can be added.

Elite Digital Advertising - mobile flat screens on a Van

Find out more about mobile advertising at, tel. 07948 203 852.

Of course, if you don’t yet have a video, then we are happy to help you produce one – we work closely with Gaby (as Elite Film and Media) to plan, script and ensure filming and post production go according to plan.

If you require video content creation services contact us now.


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