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Advanced Engineering 2018 – The Visit is Worth It

For any company, participation in exhibitions is a substantial commitment in time, resources and money. Planning often begins a year before when stands are booked and intensifies in the months preceding the show. Then there is the essential stand staff on hand throughout. Post exhibition, many months are spent following-up on leads. And, of course, there are all the costs associated with space, stand build and more.

Advanced Engineering 2018

Given the significant investment required in exhibiting at Advanced Engineering 2018, it was a pleasure to see so many companies attending in 2018 and there were plenty of visitors too. I might be biased, but as someone who works in marketing for engineering, construction and industrial companies, I believe it is important that exhibitions and trade publications should be supported. Digital marketing has many benefits, but you can’t beat being able to see a machine and new technology in action or reading in-depth feature articles explaining the intricacies of new processes.

Advanced Engineering 2018 Visitors

If you have not planned to visit Advanced Engineering in 2018 consider it for 2019 or one of the many other exhibitions. Also, if you haven’t opened one recently, take a look at excellent trade publications such as Production Engineering Solutions, Grinding and Surface Finishing, Aerospace Manufacturing, Rail Engineer – there are still hundreds offering both traditional and digital variations. In these days of GDPR, they still represent a good way of reaching your target audience.


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