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Wallwork Group
Complete metal treatment services, Wallwork Group improves the performance of engineering components by heat treatment, case hardening, annealing, plasma coating, carburising, vacuum brazing, coating by physical vapour deposition and more.
Lord Street
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
T. +44 (0)161 797 9111
F. +44 (0)161 763 1861

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1) Wallwork Group vacuum brazing white paper front cover.

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A new white paper discussing the application of vacuum brazing has been launched by metal thermal processing and hard coatings specialist, Wallwork Group. Taking additive manufacturing as its reference, it argues that vacuum brazing is a here-and-now additive process that is highly adaptable to meet current challenging technical requirements whilst being totally repeatable, scalable and commercially attractive.

“Vacuum brazing is highly suited to the manufacture of complex components for aerospace, motorsport, medical, nuclear and other demanding fields,” asserts Peter Cookson, a vacuum brazing specialist at Wallwork and author of the paper. “With in-depth metallurgical expertise on hand we like to get involved at the earliest stages of design so that we can often optimise the component configuration, process and test procedures to meet multiple technical objectives.  Using vacuum brazing we can frequently achieve time and cost savings compared to other fabrication methods,” he added.

The white paper is available as a download from the Wallwork web at The company has Nadcap approved facilities for vacuum brazing at both Cambridge and Manchester and provides a nationwide collection and delivery service.

More Information
Peter Cookson, Vacuum Brazing Technologist
Tel. +44 (0)161 797 9111 Fax. +44 (0)161 763 1861
E-mail:  Web:
Wallwork Group, Lord Street, Bury, Greater Manchester, BL9 0RE

Press release issued: November 24, 2016

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