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Wallwork Group
Complete metal treatment services, Wallwork Group improves the performance of engineering components by heat treatment, case hardening, annealing, plasma coating, carburising, vacuum brazing, coating by physical vapour deposition and more.
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Metal improvement specialist Wallwork Heat Treatment has significantly increased their heat treatment capacity following an investment of over £500,000 in a new high vacuum heat treatment furnace. The investment reflects the growing demand and confidence of high performance component manufacturers throughout the UK.

Director, Simeon Collins commented, “This is part of an on-going programme of investment in response to growing demand for our services from North West and national companies. We have expanded our workforce over the last year and each new phase of investment will create sustainable high-skill engineering jobs.”

The new furnace will enable Wallwork to heat treat a wider range of components. This will include single items of up to 1.5 metres in length and 1.5 tonnes in weight as well as bulk batch processing of smaller components. Vacuum heat treatment plays a crucial role in improving the performance of vital aerospace components but also has applications in nuclear, automotive, marine, tool making and engineering.

Wallwork Heat Treatment’s in-house accredited laboratory verifies heat treated component performance with full documentation and traceability. The company holds current approvals from leading aerospace manufacturers and operates under an ISO9000 quality assurance system and NADCAP standards as well as numerous prime approvals.

Manufactured by Seco Warwick the furnace uses computerised temperature control to hold process temperature to within plus or minus five degrees for the precise duration needed in the heat treating specification of each component. The furnace can operate up to 1250 degrees Centigrade to AMS 2750.

High vacuum heat treatment ensures no contamination due to oxidation or reaction with other atmospheric gasses, producing a product of consistent quality. Processes are environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for chemical exposure while also minimising energy consumption by optimising the heating, cooling and quench cycle.

With their own fleet of vehicles to pick-up and deliver the heat treated components and 24/7 operation, the company provides rapid turnaround to meet lean manufacturing demands of customers.

The new vacuum heat treatment furnace is just part of an on-going investment programme. Wallwork has plans during 2012 to rollout further investment to extend their ferrous and non-ferrous treatment capability.

The company has factories in Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge providing heat treatment and ultra hard coatings. With comprehensively equipped and fully accredited laboratories, Wallwork’s can offer metallurgical consultancy, either as part of the programme to design and deliver surface treatment or acting as an independent test laboratory.


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Simeon Collins, Sales Director, Tel. +44 (0)161 797 9111 Fax. +44 (0)161 763 1861
E-mail: Web:
Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd, Lord Street, Bury, Greater Manchester, BL9 0RE, UK

Press release issued: March 2, 2012


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