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Steet Crane Company

Steet Crane Company
Street Crane is the UK's largest manufacturer of factory overhead, gantry and jib cranes. They also design and engineer advanced hoists and crane controls that it exports to independent crane makers in over 48 countries. The company continually innovates in lifting across all sectors of industry including aerospace, automotive, railway, foundry, fabrication, marine, defence, fabrication, metal stockholding and more.
High Peak
SK23 0PH
United Kingdom


1) Street Crane Company Chairman, Martin Street, and son, William Street

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William Street has joined the family firm, Street Crane Company Limited. For the previous five years, Will has been honing his accountancy and business finance skills at one of the country’s top accountancy firms, BHP based in Sheffield, where he gained his ACCA qualification.

High Peak based Street Crane Company group employs 350 staff over six sites and is a major exporter of hoists and crane components through a global network of over 120 partners. It all began 75 years ago, when Will’s grandfather, Peter Street, a WWII spitfire pilot, set-up the business with his demob money. Will enthused, “I am thrilled to be joining Street Crane, it is special being able to join something that your family helped build from the ashes of WWII.”

Prior to joining BHP and becoming a qualified accountant, Will gained both a BSc and MSc at Newcastle University. He will be aiming to bring the skills he learnt at both university and BHP to Street Crane. “Being at BHP enabled me to see a broad range of different businesses, both manufacturing and other. Being able to see which processes worked and didn’t work well at those companies will help me form ideas which can hopefully be implemented in the future at Street Crane to help keep us growing and being successful. By working in finance and accounts you really begin to see the bigger picture of a business and how everything links together, enabling you to spot trends and potential issues early,” Will explained.

Will first gained experience of working at Street Crane in his university gap year when he took on a job in the packing and shipping department. Here, he successfully designed and implemented a new packing system. “I am looking forward to the challenge of learning all aspects of the business. The recent launch of Eazycrane, a software-based crane design, estimating and manufacturing package, shows that Street Crane embraces technology and new ideas to stay ahead of the competition. This makes it an exciting time to be part of the team that is driving the company’s success,” said Will.

Throughout his time at, first, Oundle School and then university, Will pursued his other great passion, playing cricket, which he continues now within the ECB South Yorkshire Premier League and as an MCC playing member.

Martin Street, Will’s father and current chairman of the business said, “It gives me immense pleasure and pride to see Will join the business as the 3rd generation Street to do so. I hope he will enjoy a long association with the great people and clients who he will be working with at Street Crane in the UK and also throughout the world via our distributing partners.’’

Will concluded, “What both my grandfather and father have achieved is nothing short of phenomenal. With my grandfather starting off repairing and servicing cranes in Sheffield in the 1940s and then my father turning it into the global supplier you see today, one day, it will now hopefully be me helping to take Street Crane to the next level.”

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Mark Hadfield, Tel. +44 (0)1298 816846
Street Crane Company, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, SK23 0PH, UK


With Covid-19 presenting an ever-changing challenge to industry, there are basically two responses. Look backwards or look forwards. Perhaps it is the spirit of Peter Street, ex-spitfire pilot, who with just £88 gratuity on leaving the RAF, set-up the company – he looked only one way: forwards.

"I am sure Will’s grandfather would be so proud that his grandson has joined the business he created,” explained Street Crane chairman, Martin Street, “Post-war it was all about making a better future for everyone. For Will’s generation, post-Covid, it will be the same again. The engineering and manufacturing industries are vital to the future UK economy - creating jobs, skills training, research and development.”

Typical of the company’s commitment to a sound future is Eazycrane, launched in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Eazycrane is a web-based software tool designed to help independent crane makers and the result of a significant self-financed investment over five-years. “Interestingly, we couldn’t have known the extent to which remote working would become important when we started developing Eazycrane. The software enables our global distributors to speed through millions of crane calculations and design scenarios to produce complete crane specifications, quotations, bill of materials, drawings and detailed manufacturing drawings in one easy integrated process. Eazycrane reduces the design time for cranes to minutes rather than days. Importantly, the software is available through any device wherever with an internet connection,” explained managing director, Gus Zona.

The same ethos saw the company find a way around the domination of the global crane business by a few mega-multinationals. Street Crane innovated again, developing modular hoists and advanced crane controls that could easily be exported to smaller independent crane makers globally and who were struggling to compete with the multinationals. Street Crane now supplies to over 120 of these independent crane makers in over 48 countries, with crane products designed and manufactured in the UK.

Note to Editors

An Eazycrane development story is available in a feature-length format with high-resolution images. Please contact Mark Hadfield if you would like an extended version.

Mark Hadfield, Tel. +44 (0)1298 816846
Street Crane Company, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, SK23 0PH, UK


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