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Hawke International
Hawke International cable glands, connectors, thread conversion kits and enclosures are used in demading applications, including hazardous areas, in the oil, gas, petrochemical, marine, offshore and other industries where electrical safety is paramount.
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1) The K-Mass insulation is a two-part polyamide cured epoxy that is moulded onto the stainless steel case in a quality assured factory process

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Hazardous area electrical connection and termination specialist, Hawke International, has added a fire protection option to their enclosure range. The robust S-Series stainless steel enclosure, for cable termination in demanding environments, is now available with a K-Mass fire protective coating. The new SK Series enclosures provide safety with up to 30 minutes fire protection at 1093 degrees C.

The new enclosures are designed to protect critical systems during the early stages of fire as well as giving reliable every day environmental protection for electrical equipment in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous environments. Applications will be in offshore and onshore oil and gas installations, chemical and process plants. In addition to fire protection, enclosures are suited to any environment where there are potentially explosive gasses and dusts.

The K-Mass insulation is a two-part polyamide cured epoxy that is moulded onto the stainless steel case in a quality assured factory process. Insulation is only activated if there is a fire. The outer layer expands and chars to minimise heat transmission, keeping the internal temperature within the enclosure below 60 degrees C (based on a 1093 degree C hydrocarbon fire). The K-Mass coating is resistant to sun, rain and salt spray, physically aggressive environments and chemicals including hydrocarbons, bases and acids. The enclosures are IP66 rated for ingress protection and DTS01 rated for deluge protection.

Enclosures are suitable for control and instrumentation applications and are fitted with Hawke cable glands installed through a 3mm gland plate. Base plate entry is the standard, but side entry is available if required. Cable glands are shielded by a secondary K-Mass protected box, providing fire protection to the glands. The box is easily removed for periodic access and inspection of the glands. The insulation has minimal effect on the thermal performance of the enclosure at normal temperatures, allowing dissipation of excess heat from electrical equipment.

Hawke is part of the world-wide Hubbell Group and its products and technical support are available through their local offices and agents throughout the world.

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Hawke International, Oxford Street West, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 0NA

Release issued: April 17, 2013

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