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Forcam UK
Forcam are pioneers in shop floor management software that is driving Industry 4.0 taking productivity, lean production and return on investment to the next level to create the smart factory. Audi, Borg Warner, BMW, MTA Aero Engines and Weir Minerals all use Forcam software.
Unit 6 Eastlands Court
St. Peter's Road
CV21 3QP
United Kingdom
T. +44 (0)1788 247123

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1) Opening part of the Forcam Industry 4 Infographic

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Shop floor management software pioneers, Forcam, have introduced an infographic to demystify Industry 4 (the Smart Factory) and visually show how it is a natural progression from previous manufacturing technology advancements.

“As with nearly all new concepts, Industry 4, introduces new terminology. This is a helpful shorthand for those of us working in the discipline, but often confuses those whom we aim to serve – manufacturers. We hope the new infographic will provide understanding of where Industry 4 is heading – at a glance,” explained Andrew Steele, managing director of Forcam UK.

With many UK specific statistics, the Infographic takes the viewer from the industrial revolution through to the full integration of production data from factory shop floor, beyond the factory gates and throughout the supply chain. The infographic titled ‘Industry 4 - The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ can be downloaded in PDF form from:

For those wanting to delve deeper into Industry 4 and the Smart Factory, Forcam have also produced a white paper titled: ‘World Class Shop Floor Management’ which can also be downloaded from the same web page.

“While aerospace, automotive and other advanced manufacturing sectors are already embracing Industry 4, there are also significant bottom-line benefits for any business with 20 or more machines needing to optimise performance,” concluded Andrew.


More Information

Andrew Steele, Managing Director, Tel. +44 (0)1788 247123
E-mail: Web:
FORCAM UK Ltd, Unit 6 Eastlands Court, St. Peter's Road, Rugby, CV21 3QP, UK

Vincent Post, International Marketing & PR Manager, Tel. +49 (0)751 36669 – 826
E-mail: Web:
FORCAM GmbH, An der Bleicherei 15, D-88214 Ravensburg, Germany


Press release issued: October 16, 2014

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